The Australian Haydn Ensemble education programs inspire, enlighten the next generation of music lovers and uplift people of all ages. We are currently presenting a range of education and outreach programs to extend much further into even more regional and outer metropolitan areas to reach even more people. Bringing the joy and benefits of music to as many as possible. 

"music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents." Beethoven



In 2018 we will present a range of string and orchestral workshops catering to younger primary age school students right through to tertiary level and adult students. 

The program reaches out to students in metropolitan and regional areas and provides them with a unique musical experience connected to 18th century music and philosophies. Students have the chance to work alongside AHE musicians and try out period bows and wind instruments, while discovering aspects of historical classical style and ensemble techniques. 



It is well known that the music of Mozart helps young children with learning. Babies who have music lessons smile more and communicate better. AHE presents a range of small interactive chamber music performances for young children aged (0-5 and 5-12) and families where children have a chance to get up close to musicians and instruments with a hands on approach to learning about rhythm, dynamics, movement with classical music. 



"Music is the best antidepressant" AHE PATRON - Dame Marie Bashir

In association with the Neura Foundation, and Tuggeranong and Belconnen Arts Centres, AHE presents interactive performances for Alzheimers and Parkinson's sufferers that focus on the relationships between music and movement allowing attendees to experience the flow of mind that the music facilitates.

Feedback from attendees:

"It was very moving. The music hits your soul, let’s you be yourself and be free"

"It was great how the musicians played and we followed, then we led and they followed."

"I was initially sceptical, but it worked wonderfully, especially when they played for our dancing. This stimulated us to move in new and different ways."



OMG!!! That was AWESOME!!! Let’s do it again next year please please please?????

— Gemma, Year 9 pupil after an AHE workshop in the Southern Highlands

AHE are taking music into schools, and bringing students together in external venues, delivering an inspiring musical experience directly to children who might not otherwise have access to first class music making.

We run activities and concerts for children of all ages. These include introductory sessions for primary and secondary schools where students have the opportunity listen, learn and be inspired by a program centering around 18th century philosophies and teaching ideas. 



The Australian Haydn Ensemble formed an association with The Girls and Boys Brigade four years ago and are extremely pleased that in 2017 they will be presenting a series of music education workshops to kids at the Brigade.

The Girls & Boys Brigade has a long history of taking care of inner city children. The charity commenced as The Boys’ Brigade in 1882 by Sir James Reading Fairfax from the Sydney Morning Herald and Mr Samuel Bennett from the Evening News, who were deeply concerned about the welfare and living condition of the young lads engaged in street newspaper selling and other inner city boys who were often bereft of many simple life necessities.




Soon to be introduced therapeutic performances for children in hospitals.