Our Beethoven Piano Concerto Cycle 4th Installment

This week, we have been having a fantastic time performing a new chamber version of Beethoven's 4th Piano Concerto by Vi King Lim.

The chamber version has been created in the 'style' of the 18th century - which was quite a 'normal' thing for composers to do in order that works be heard in different places and just generally performed more than once. Now days we take for granted being able to just switch on any number of excellent recordings to listen to our favourite works. 

Chamber reductions were a good way for people to perform works that were popular at the time in smaller spaces such as private homes as well and really made up quite a large part of the everyday.

Along with this new version of Beethoven's 4th piano concerto, we are also presenting a long forgotten chamber version of Beethoven's Symphony no. 2 - by a London based publisher named Masi. The parts for this arrangement we discovered in the rare music collection along with many other chamber arrangements that we hope to present in time.

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